Monday, December 10, 2012

Be good to yourself

  We all want to live happily, sometimes, we are just too mean to ourselves. We don't allow ourselves make mistakes, we want everything perfect, then it's very hard for us to live happily. Actually, we really need to be good to ourselves.

  It's often easier to be compassionate toward someone else than it is to be compassionate toward ourselves. We must treat ourselves better,say something good to ourselves, give ourselves some award. It's okay if we too are imperfect. So if we make a mistake, it's ok.

  Just be good to yourself,inside and outside.

  Inside, we should remind ourselves that we should be good to ourselves, we should accept mistakes we make, we should have a good attitude, be confident, then we don't need to be too worried about everything, we should have the idea that no one is perfect, we are  humans. 

  Outside, just be confident, be positive. Always think about something good, We should know that we are not bad. We deserve something good. Always give ourselves some award. Have a happy life.

  Be good to yourself. Be happy.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, music...

  I like music all the time. When I feel down, I will listen to music. My favorite singer is Stefanie Sun, I like her for 11 years. My things in my life changed these years, I still love her. Her song always gives me hope and power. Even now, I still have the habit that I will listen to her music every Sunday, I won't do other important things. Just give myself a cup of coffee, lie in the coach, listen to the music. Then I feel happy from my inner world.

  I really suggest you doing this, it really helps me in my daily life. It makes me happy. Lying in the bed, having a cup of coffee, thinking about life while listening to the music. It's so special, you will feel something new. When I feel down, the music makes me cheerful, I give my heart a rest then move on. When I feel happy, the music makes me calm down, I just smile to myself and live happily. 

  I can learn from my Sunday music, I know how to love others and be loved, I know how to handle the relationship with others, I know how to deal with my own feelings, I know how to be positive all the time, I know a lot of things from Stefanie's songs, it gives me strength, give me direction to move on. I really appreciate it.

  It's really a good way for us to live a happy life. You don't need to listen to Sun's music. Just find a singer you like. Try like this, you will learn many things from your Sunday music. Be happy!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Always have a dream

  We all need power to live better, we need some push. It's good for us to have a dream, then we can have hope and we can be more positive, and fight for the dream. Then life is not boring anymore. Just remember that always have a dream in heart. Live a happy life.

  Follow our heart, never surrender our dreams. Everyday, we work constantly for our goals, that's a really happy thing. Everyday, we move a little bit, we improve ourselves, then we can feel the real happy from our inner world.
We have something to depend on, that's great.

  Believe in ourselves. There's no reason for us to deny ourselves, We can live a better life. We can give ourselves a chance to experience, to have more fun.

  Take time to enjoy life’s pleasures. We must have a rest when we go out and just give ourselves some time to gain more, to learn more, to understand the meaning of life.

  Make your own decisions. We need to make good decisions for our dream, If we can do it well, then we can keep catching up with our dreams. We need to look out for ourselves,and always share with others. When we catch up with our dreams, it's good for us to have someone else around us.

  We should always hope for the best, have a sweet dream in heart. Live our life for ourselves. Believe in tomorrow, for it holds the key to our dreams.


  Always have dream in heart. Just be happy.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Always be prepared...

  We should always be prepared for everything, then we won't be worried about ourselves and we can handle everything. We won't get lost, that a good way for us to improve ourselves. We can gain more confidence and we will feel happy from the inner world.

  Be prepared when the unexpected happens, both bad things and good things.When the unexpected happens, most of us were unprepared, the problem may be getting far from our thoughts because we have not taken a simple preventative action. 

  We all like the feeling that we can control everything, when we know things advanced, we will tell ourselves that it is easy, we don't have to worry about it. We just need to do things step by step. That's a good behavior for us. And we can always have a good result with this thought. Because we know everything, it is not so hard.

  Be prepared for everything, then you will know where you need to improve, where is perfect, we can do the job follow our heart. Always be prepared, it's not so easy for us. We didn't have this behavior before, so we need to remind ourselves this. We don't like change, so even we know that it's good, we won't do it, however, we must have a try, everyday make a small change. We can see the results one day.

  Always be prepared. Be happy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Be confident!

  Sometimes  I did't believe I could do most of the things I wanted to do, however when I believe in myself, and have a try, I can do it well, then I realize that I can do it. Only when we believe in ourselves, others believe in us. It's an honor when everyone trusts us.

  Regardless of what mistakes we have made. Just believe that we can do it, believe it in our heart, then we can reach our potential. We can be truly happy.

  We should recognize our talents and good qualities. No matter how down we feel, remember the things we are good at. Focusing on our better qualities will distract us from bad feelings. If we are really at a high level of confidence, we can make everything possible.

  Remember that everyone struggles with confidence. Some people are good at hiding it, but every person has struggled with self-confidence sometime. We are not alone. We can not worse than others, so be confident.

  Take care of ourselves. Dress for confidence.Smile and make eye contact. Embrace our interests, learn something that we are interested.Take up a hobby we can do with a group. Just improve ourselves in different ways.

  Confidence is a process, not a singular achievement. The process won't always move forward, there will be days when we feel like we feel bad. Take a deep breath, remember to be confident, we are ready to move on. Just be confident. Be happy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Have a rest!

  Sometimes we just push ourselves move on, we don't give ourselves time to have a good rest, we feel so tired all the time. We should remind ourselves having proper rest during long working hours.

  Nowadays, people all has stress and long working hours, that mean people in busy jobs get too little sleep during the week. Then say no to overworking is very important to each of us. Not be lazy but leave some limited time to keep our body and heart healthy.

  Say no to heavy works is not unrealistic, we should have a good rest when we can. Longtime of working will make us sick and have a bad mood. And long time of lacking sleep will make us lack of concentration and even lead big mistake in our job.

  Many of us need a time reminder to help us manage our time healthy and rational. It can remind us of resting on time. For your healthy, just have a good rest.

  Have a good rest, be energetic, be happy...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Try something new...

Try something new, have a good life.

  Sometimes we didn't want to try it. We were nervous. We were afraid. We either faced our fear or we decided not to try it. Most of us have been in this situation at some point of time, we were afraid to try the new thing. We were fearful of the outcome and mistake in our life.

  We make up excuses for ourselves: we don’t have time, we’re taking hard courses this semester. If something isn't  enhancing our social life, it may seem wasteful — even if it’s something we’re really interested in trying out. We all know it is not good for us.
  Variety and new experiences keep us young. Map out what we have accomplished, what we want to accomplish and what we kind of just feel like doing.

  Try Something New – start from within. Whatever circumstance we find ourselves in today that we are not happy or satisfied with, we can change. Just make the choice and try something new.

Any day we wish, 
we can discipline ourselves to change it all.
we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge.
we can start a new activity. 
we can start the process of life change. 
we can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year.

  The decision is ours. Just remember that everyday we do not change is another day we kill the person we could become. Time does not change things. We do. We are all we can be. Go on and be it. Just try something new now, be happy.